up:: [[The 3 Phases of MOCs]] tags:: #atlas/MOC🗺 #on/PKM #on/habit ###### Navigate with your new MOC Connect your new MOC with the the rest of your network of knowledge so you can *navigate your notes near the speed of thought*. Enjoy the spatial constellation you created. Your MOCs will be meaningful to you. Use your more mature MOCs for different purposes: - for final products (content creation) - as a reference point in the future, as a navigational hub - for the inherent joy the ideas provide. As you finish work on an area of interest, the MOC remains as a renewable summation of thought for the future you. An MOC is your easy access point back into the topic—whether that's tomorrow or in ten years. --- # Habits MOC *I am an unrelenting evolutionary adaptation—whether you like it or it!* Here's an assembly of the notes in some sort of formalized structure. I have continued adding to this whenever it made sense. ## Understanding Habits - [[Defining a habit]] - [[Habit formation provides an evolutionary advantage]] - [[Habits carry a ton of hidden inertia]] - [[The neural formation of habits is additive]] - [[The truest habit metaphors are additive]] - [[Ant pheromone trails act like potential habits]] ## Designing Habits - [[Understanding the habit cycle and habitual cues]] - [[How Atomic Habits fit into the conversation on habits]] - [[Resiliency Routines help regain a sense of control]] - [[Improving Micro Habits at the Point of Contact]] - [[Small Wins foster a Sense of Control]] - [[An asymptotic curve models the development of skills, strength, habits, and more]] - [[The mechanism for breaking through development plateaus]] ### Example of Habit Design - [[Charting out habit cycles in my life circa 2013]] ### Important Habits [[Important habits preserve mental clarity and a sense of control]] [[Preparing for the next day is an important habit]] [[Journaling in the morning is an important habit]] [[Writing down daily goals in the morning is an important habit]] ## Related Concepts [[Positive Feedback Loop]], [[Like begets like]] [[Cobwebs into Cables]], [[Reps]], [[Sense of Control]] [[Natural Selection]], [[Selfish Gene]], [[Survival of the Fittest]] ## Other Miscellaneous - [[Words I've used to describe important habits]] --- Finish the walkthrough: [[The 3 Phases of MOCs, a coda]] --- %% ## Unrequited notes (by link) These notes point directly to this note. But this note doesn't point back. ```dataview table file.mtime.year + "-" + file.mtime.month + "-" + file.mtime.day as Modified from [[Habits MOC]] and !outgoing([[Habits MOC]]) sort file.mtime desc ``` ## Associated notes (by tag) These notes have this associated tag: `#on/habit`. ```dataview table file.mtime.year + "-" + file.mtime.month + "-" + file.mtime.day as Modified from #on/habit and !outgoing([[Habits MOC]]) sort file.mtime desc ``` %%