up:: [[The forest entrance]] tags:: #on/PKM # Guiding Values of PKM When it comes to managing your digital knowledge, the following are some guiding values and principles to consider. *Your digital library should:* 1. Be a joy to use 2. Be future-proofed (so your notes are robust, not fragile) 3. Allow for fast and reliable note retrieval (both today and in 10 years) 4. Encourage critical, creative, connective, and generative thinking 5. Encourage active, engaged, and contextual thinking 6. Encourage lateral and metaphorical thinking 7. Allow for the spontaneous cross-pollination of ideas 8. Produce finished products (when desired) 9. Accumulate in meaningful knowledge over time 10. Compound in personal value over time 11. Encourage repetition (repetitions strengthen memory) These values are cultivated in the `LYT Framework`. ««« This is purposely not a link because I want you to either: - return to `The forest entrance` ☝️ - or you also can choose to keep reading 👇 --- ### Guiding Questions 1. Can I find what I'm looking for quickly? Easily? 2. Am I able to think fast? Am I able to think deeply? 3. Can I be surprised by serendipitous connections? --- ## Go back Use the "uplink" at the top of this note to return to `The forest entrance`.